17 June 2013

For Dad: Newspaper nails with tutorial!!

Believe it or not! I have enclosed a tutorial (way below)! Either we are too bored in the evening or we are just trying our new cheapie (FlyBuy) Canon cameras. Anyhow, last night, while doing my father's day inspired mani, I though we could try a filmette.
Since yesterday (here) / today is Father's Day, I tried a dad inspired mani last night. My dad loves to read and to write, good since he is an author! He also loves brown and plaid but I already did a plaid mani for him (here). One of the first "nail art" ideas I found online when I re-began the nail devotion was newspaper nails. I have never done it so thought last night was as good as time as any!

I started with a base of two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons (Germany collection). Was keeping with the beige-brown colour scheme for my dad instead of doing white. I let this dry about 15 minutes or so. No top coat.

Then I started with my newspaper project. I had already cut strips of newspaper and had my station ready. I made sure I got passages with lots of type on them. There is a way of first applying the newspaper to wax paper and then to your nail (ensuring the type is readable), but I didn't do that! I just did the tried and true backwards version. I also used vodka instead of rubbing alcohol as we had this old bottle of vodka in the freezer for years and I don't like the flavour of it (I won it). Alcohol is alcohol!!

The tutorial makes this clearer but the process is basically: dip newspaper in alcohol to saturate, press on to nail without moving paper much, let it sit for 5 secs or so applying pressure, remove. Good info I learned: 1) no mess with this nail art, so no need to tape up your nails or do Vaseline on the sides; 2) the alcohol does not smear the newspaper after the fact so you can do your other hand without having to top coat first.

I did all ten nails then applied a thick (yet lightly brushed so as not to smear) coat of OPI RapiDry. When that was dry I played around with brown tips using OPI Espresso Your Style (Deliciously Dark collection). Still looked a bit too understated so used a white striper and then added dots. I think I could have done without the dots but it just looked so bare! I top coated again when I was finished.

The FlyBuy cameras were basically free and we got two (one each) so when we go on vacation we only have to take one set of cables, etc. Clever, yes?? These are Canon PowerShot A2500. They have a great macro (vs my SLR Canon digital) so I experimented with that. But my cuticles look terrible. In my defense (!!) it is super cold and dreary here and that is never good lighting for pics. Your skin goes into survival mode!

So, above is my Dad (age 91!) and below is my tutorial! This is my very first tutorial and I did film it twice as I there is different info on each one. We were also goofing off with the cameras and experimenting. No laughing allowed!!! (here is video link in case it is not showing: Video).


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